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October 2018 Report

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Home Prices & Sales Up

Prices for single-family, re-sale homes rose in September, after slumping in August. The median price rose 7.3% year-over-year. The average price was also up 7.3%.

Sales of single-family, re-sale homes in Marin County were up for the second month in a row, year-over-year, gaining 4.6%. There were 159 homes sold last month. Year-to-date, sales are off 6.1%.

Inventory increased for the third month in a row. It was up 8.1% over last September. Nevertheless, it is still far below the average. As of the 5th of October, there were 414 homes for sale. The average since January 2007 is 680.

Days of inventory jumped to 76 from 53.

Days of Inventory reflects an estimate of the amount of time it would take to sell all of the current listings if no new listings became available. It is calculated by taking the number of homes for sale and dividing by the number of homes sold in a given time frame. We use last month’s sold number.

The sales price to listing price ratio stayed over 100% for the 8th month in a row: 101.1%. 

Homes sold quickly last month, averaging 49 days from coming onto the market to when they go under contract. The average since January 2009 is 80 days.

The median price for condos rose 11.4% from August. It was down 3.9%, year-over-year. The average price was up 5.2% from the prior month, but down 3.9% from last September.

Condo sales were down 20.4% compared to last September. Year-to-date, sales are off 6.1%.

Condos are selling in 53 days, compared to the average of 83 days.

The sales price to list price ratio for condos was 100.3%.

Condo inventory is up 49.4% from last September. There are only 124 condos for sale.

If you would like to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, click on Recent Sales & Listings. That will tell you what is for sale, what has sold and what is pending in a radius around your home.

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